Additional Services

Removal and Storage

ICAB can arrange removals and storage of all policy holders’ furniture - no job is too small! Our suppliers are flexible and reliable and will ensure all policy holders’ furniture is safely removed, packed and stored or delivered to a rental address until the furniture is ready to be moved back to the permanent property. These services can be provided in their own right, without using other forms of accommodation solutions. ICAB DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE FOR THIS.


ICAB's furniture rental service means that both furnished and unfurnished properties can be sourced for clients. The furniture is always professionally cleaned and is extremely high quality. Clients can pick from a large list of items to ensure that the rental property has everything it needs. Delivery is arranged by ICAB following liaison between the letting agent and the furniture company to ensure it is ready for move in day. ICAB DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE FOR THIS.


ICAB sends the client secure access to our digital portal which is unique to every claim, ensuring data protection is adhered to. The digital portal allows the client to access the basic details of their claim on their mobile phone or tablet, resulting in less touch points and more efficient communication. The claims handler will also receive a unique link to the digital portal for each individual claim.


In cases when clients live in remote parts of the country or perhaps are not able to move away from their home, ICAB can arrange for a mobile home or touring caravan to be placed on their property. Subject to a survey it can usually be ordered and delivered within a week of instruction.

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