The ICAB POD is a mobile alternative accommodation solution with clients convenience in mind!

It alleviates the need to leave home following a peril if the only part of the property damaged is either the kitchen or the bathroom (or both). The ICAB POD is also an ideal alternative for those who are unable to leave their home due to disabilities, pets or simply the need to be close to work or school.

They can help bridge the gap between the client’s immediate needs when a home insurance claim takes place whilst ICAB sources a longer-term rental, or used as a solution throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

We currently supply 4 variants of the ICAB POD :

  • ICAB Kitchen POD Unit..
  • ICAB Bathroom POD Unit
  • ICAB Internal Pop Up Kitchen POD
  • ICAB Internal Pop Up Bathroom POD

The ICAB PODS are high specification and allow the client to lead a fully functioning life without causing too much disruption to all parties, including children, as they provide all the amenities the client requires while restoration works are completed on their home. With competitive costs, short delivery times and excellent service standards the ICAB POD is the perfect solution. ICAB PODS offer a substantial cost saving versus hotel and serviced apartment accommodation for an agreed period of time.

Download the ICAB POD terms & conditions here.

I would like to just let you know how great it was to have Podrick the Pod.

When he arrived in February I was not sure quite how things were going to work, but very relieved to have a washing machine. It was not long before he was in full action and we realised what a godsend he was. I think my cooking may actually have improved!

What I'm getting to is just how grateful we are to you and the team for the efficient, friendly back up and management that you have given us during the last eight months.

So a huge thank you to all that have been involved during that time.

Best wishes to you all

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