If the client's displacement from their home is likely to last more than 8 weeks, we would normally recommend a rental property (as this can be a much more cost effective and convenient solution for longer periods). Our highly-trained rental team are knowledgeable in all aspects of locating and sourcing properties and will assist the client in arranging viewings, queries on tenancy agreements, tenancy deposit schemes and anything else that arises, whilst ensuring the property secured fits within budget and policy limits.

ICAB advance all the required funds in order to secure the property (however this will be via an initial payment and standing order rather than the full amount at the offset). Typically this includes deposit at the start of the tenancy, admin fee, inventory, cleaning charges and the first month’s rent. Thereafter we pay the rent monthly.

Similarly, to hotel bookings, ICAB will manage the claim from start to finish, arranging extensions if required and serving notice as agreed, at the start of the tenancy. ICAB will even take the claim to arbitration on behalf of insurers, should unjustified deductions be attempted by landlords.

Please be aware that what ICAB fund on each claim can vary depending on what your insurers ask us to cover. This will be based on what your policy documents state is covered

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